Do you need a mortgage broker for the best advice?

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When the time comes to look for a mortgage you will very quickly understand it’s not easy.

So there are lots of places you can go to when looking for mortgage advice, the first is most common friends, family, work colleges… who will sure to tell you about how great a deal they got!! not to worry second we like to have a little Google maybe something like “best mortgage rates” or “best mortgage advice for first-time buyers”  then follows the painful phone call to the bank who want 3 hours of your time in 3 weeks, just not helpful. Finally, alot of people get recommended to a local broker much like the guy I used near my home town Brighton who was a local mortgage broker based in Brighton who managed to sort through my entire paperwork and just dealt with the whole processes it was great.

But back to point the main change is the time 20 years ago there wasn’t the regulation you have today which meant people ended up with interest only mortgages they couldn’t pay, this simply doesn’t happen like it used to the process in place to ensure people can afford the mortgage is massive & people like brokers are regulated under the MCOB rules. So my advice is with the security you have why give yourself a headache pick that phone up to speak to a broker and let them deal with it all while making sure you’re getting the best deal simple really.