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Do you need a mortgage broker for the best advice?

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Brighton Mortgage Broker | Qualified Mortgage Adviser 01273 660 878

When the time comes to look for a mortgage you will very quickly understand it’s not easy.

So there are lots of places you can go to when looking for mortgage advice, the first is most common friends, family, work colleges… who will sure to tell you about how great a deal they got!! not to worry second we like to have a little Google maybe something like “best mortgage rates” or “best mortgage advice for first-time buyers”  then follows the painful phone call to the bank who want 3 hours of your time in 3 weeks, just not helpful. Finally, alot of people get recommended to a local broker much like the guy I used near my home town Brighton who was a local mortgage broker based in Brighton who managed to sort through my entire paperwork and just dealt with the whole processes it was great.

But back to point the main change is the time 20 years ago there wasn’t the regulation you have today which meant people ended up with interest only mortgages they couldn’t pay, this simply doesn’t happen like it used to the process in place to ensure people can afford the mortgage is massive & people like brokers are regulated under the MCOB rules. So my advice is with the security you have why give yourself a headache pick that phone up to speak to a broker and let them deal with it all while making sure you’re getting the best deal simple really.




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Money advice for benefits

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The concept of loans extends back to the mists of energy, and reams of historical documents exist built back many thousands of years. But the oldest available records might be found in Assyria and Babylonia where farmers and traders got grain loans because of the merchants of times.

In Europe, it turned out during the 13th century when lending has been around since as churches understood the financial advantages of revenue available as interest.

The Evolution of Loans

The practice of lending evolved at the center ages if the ways of borrowing money was seeing rapid changes. The Indentured loan would be a way that was practiced in the middle ages with the seventeenth century through which money was borrowed for choosing land or possibly a house. But there are some unscrupulous lenders who inflated the debt or interest rates, leading to your borrower effectively getting to be a slave.

Banking Loans

It was over the time of indentured loans that some lenders recognized the need for repeat custom and were active in the practice of sustainable lending. In Italy, stalls were positiioned in local markets that served to lend money for a certain interest as loan along with the borrower was meant to pay back the borrowed many at certain intervals. It is this practice that changed into the modern notion of loans which can be found by banks. The word “Bank” itself is produced by “banca” that was the place on what trading was conducted because of the money lenders. The problem together with the earlier system of loans was that there have been different rates that were charged through the lenders and which are not governed by any central authority.

In case of not making enough money, the financial institution would smash his bench (“bank rupta”) and went for a lot of other job. The modern “bankruptcy” comes from this early practice, though using a different implication.

Modern Banking Loans

Nowadays, money lending features a greater control by some central authority (banks or financial authority) as money lenders are regulated by these authorities and then there are very little chances of losing your kneecaps into a unscrupulous lenders.

Types of Loans

Here are short descriptions for the types of loans that happen to be prevalent today.

Secured Loans

When a secured loan is taken, the borrower provides an asset as collateral. This asset may be your house, car, pet tortoise or no matter what bank considers sufficient enough to service the debt in case of the borrower failing to repay. This type is usual during paying for a house or possibly a car.

Unsecured Loans

Unlike the secured type, the unsecured lending isn’t secured against your assets so that as part of protection higher rates of interest are sent to this type of loans. Some examples in this type include:

· Personal loans

· Credit cards

· Bonds (issued by corporations)

· Overdrafts on your own bank account

Demand Loans

This type of mortgage is offered as unsecured, though mainly, it truly is secured. No fixed repayment dates exist along with the interest rates also vary. The term Demand Loans originated because the financial institution can ask any time for repayment.

Concessional Loans

In this loan, a persons vision rate charged is frequently below the market industry rate. The concessional loans can be found by governments to poorer countries, though many financial organizations provide its employees this benefit.

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Sacred Places in Jerusalem

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Sacred Places in Jerusalem

P_Jerusalem_dome_of_rockThe most significant and most definitely the best-known religious city on Earth is the Holy City of Jerusalem. There is no other place on the Earth where can you find such a concentration of sites sacred to three major world religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. This ancient city which is surrounded by a 465-year old wall and it is a home to one that is among the holiest of Jewish sites, never fails to astonish visitors with the extraordinary religious history.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre
This is the holiest place by tradition for Orthodox and Catholic Christians and this is the place of Jesus’ resurrection, crucifixion, and burial. This place was completed in 335AD, and its church having been constructed on the foundations of an ancient Roman temple to Venus. Underneath the church’s rotunda there is a two-room chapel, and that is the actual tomb is inside the Edicule. For the different denominations there are separate prayer times.

Temple Mount
This place is an ancient, large elevated platform in the Old City of Jerusalem with a multifaceted religious significance. It took its shape from the construction of the First and Second Jewish
Temples, historically. Today, at its center is the Dome of the Rock. Dome of the Rock is ornate Islamic shrine built in 691 and it is Islam’s third holiest site as it marks the spot of Abraham’s offering of Ishmael and the Prophet Mohammed heavenward rise.
It also covers the Foundation Stone which is considered as the holiest site in Judaism. Also part of the Temple Mount, The Dome of the Rock is nearby to the Al-Aqsa Mosque Also, you need to know that The Temple Mount – beside it is beautiful, it can also be a place of high tension as it has been a flashpoint in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Access to this place is heavily restricted and visitors should expect tight security controls, regardless of religious background.

The Western Wall
This wall is also known as the Wailing Wall and it is one of Judaism’s most holy sites. It forms part of the western side of the holy site of the Temple Mount. The wall is the impressive remainder of Jerusalem’s Second Temple, which the Romans destroyed in 70 CE. Despite the temple’s destruction – according to Jewish tradition – the divine presence never left. The hush that envelops the plaza in front of it as Jews approach the base of the wall to pray is also captivating, while the wall itself stands as an inspiring archaeological record from the time of King Herod. From all over the world, Jews come here to place prayer notes in the wall’s crevices. Also, you need to know that The Western Wall is a holy site. On this place visitors have to put on a kippa before approaching the wall. Kippa is a small Jewish skullcap. Besides that, there is a separate area of the wall for female visitors. So, if you are going to this Holy City of Jerusalem, these are the three main places that you should visit. The best thing to visit these places is with the group.

Who Fly’s To Jerusalem

If you need to book a flight you can use a few companys to fly with such as if your coming from the United Kingdom then you can call Virgin or use this British Airways phone number to book flights also, we would recommend calling as you need to be sure what you need to do and there is no better way than talking it through with someone, this isnt like flying a few hours to spain there a issues you need to be advised of.

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